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Henrik Olai Kaarstein

Brussels, Belgium / Oslo, Norway



2010 - 2015 Staatliche Hochschule fur Bildende Kunste Staedelschule, Frankfurt am Main

2009 - 2010 Art studies at Nordland College of Art and Film, Kabelvaag


Solo Shows:

2022 Etablissement d'en face, Brussels

2022 Breadbox Contemporary, Oslo

2019 "Mad About it", Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen

2018 "Lei Deg", Island 5 / Christian Torp Gallery, Oslo

2017 "No Need for Good Luck", Gether Contemporary, Copenhagen

2017 "New Promises", c-o-m-p-o-s-i-t-e, Brussels

2016 "Well-received Lies", T293, Rome

2015 "This has Nothing to do With This or Same as it Never was", Warm, Sao Paulo

2014 "Pride", Catherine Bastide, Brussels

2014 "Aftershape 2 ", Il Crepaccio, Milan

2014 "Warm Embraces", Tidens Krav, Oslo

2013 "Mothers", T293, Naples

2013 "Isn't", Welcome Screen, London

2013 "Charmless", ReMap 4, Athens, presented by T293

2012 "Turning and Returning", T293, Rome


Group Shows:

2021 "Hopeless Romantics", FUTURA, Prague

2021 "All Good and Precious Things", T293 Gallery, Rome

2021 "On Holiday", duo-exhibtion with Markus Langen, Loevens Hule, Oslo

2020 ”No Day but Today”, Bjurholmsgatan, Stockholm

2019 Nordic Contemporary Art Collection (NoCo), Kristianstads Kunsthall

2019 Art Brussels (With Gether Contemporary)

2019 "d-REAM-ing", PantaleonsMuehlengasse, Cologne

2019 "Spring and Sun in January", Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo

2018 "A Segment", PantaleonsMuehlengasse, Cologne

2018 Nordic Contemporary Art Collection (NoCo), Hameenlinna Art Museum

2018 "Towards a New Nepotism", Galery Italy at Etablissement d'en face

2018 "Det Kollektive Hodet", Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo

2017 "Slutten", Kristiansand Kunsthall, Kristiansand

2017 "Concrete Island", Island 4 / Christian Torp Gallery, Oslo

2017 Chart Art Fair (with Gether Contemporary), Copenhagen

2017 "Summer Show" Carl Kostyal, Stockholm

2017 "If you Don't Like Art, Goodbye, Fuck Off, Go Home", Nordic Contemporary Art Collection (NoCo), Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium

2017 "Painting or Not", KaviarFactory, Henningsvær

2016 "Beloved in the Landscape", New Bretagne / Belle Air, Essen

2016 "En kollektiv psykogeografisk guide til Oslo", Tegnebienallen 2016, Oslo

2016 "... ma l'amor mio non muore. Opere della Collezione Alloggia", Casa museo Ivan Bruschi, Arezzo

2016 "T293-in-residence", Via Gabba 1, Milan

2016 "NN-A NN-A NN-A (2)", Stavanger Art Museum

2016 "The World is Made of Stories", Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo

2015 "Parked Like Serious Oysters", Staedelschule Graduation Show, Museum fur Moderne Kunst 3/Zollamt, Frankfurt

2015 "F R I E N D S", Evelyn Yard, London

2015 Frieze New York (with T293)

2015 "Karmic Thermal", Ideal Uh-huh, Berlin

2015 "Outdoor I", Warm Sao Paulo, video screening programme

2015 "NN-A NN-A NN-A", Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo

2014 "The Go-Between", Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples

2014 "De Generation of Painting", Fondazione 107, Turin

2014 "The Tentant", VI, VII, Oslo

2014 "Nuit Americaine Day-For-Night", Office Baroque, Brussels

2014 NADA New York (with Anat Ebgi)

2014 "Do not Disturb (At the invitation of Elmgreen & Dragset)", Gerhardsen Gerner, Oslo

2014 ”Touched (2)”, apt 302, Marseilles

2013 "Snakes in the Grass", Clarence Mews at 10 Northington Street/Laura Bartlett Project Space, London

2013 "Touched", Art Metropole, Toronto

2013 "Mild Mania", 68 Square Meters Art Space, Copenhagen

2013 "Influence", 1m3, Lausanne

2013 "Merry Company", duo-exhibtion with Buck Ellison, Galerie Wilma Tolksdorf, Frankfurt

2013 "Wassup Painters", Anat Ebgi, Los Angeles

2013 "After School Special: Følsomme Gutter 3", Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall

2012 Art Basel Miami Beach (with D’amelio)

2012 "Pour ce laine" Leonhardi Kulturprojekte e.V., Frankfurt

2012 “Heather”, busysleep.com

2012 FIAC (with T293), Paris

2012 "Idea is the Object", D'Amelio, New York

2011 "Hard Glance //Soft Rock" Kuk & Parfyme zine # 2 Exhibtion, Holodeck, Oslo

2011 "Deep Sea Adventure", Some Apartment , London

2011 "Projectile Weapons" duo-show with Thomas Grødal, NICC project space, Antwerp



"Sun and Spring in January" at Astrup Fearnley Museum, Exhibition Catalouge

Cover illustration, "Jonathan og Sailor jr.", Oktober Forlag

Series of works presented in "Tarmac Fanzine"

Text in "Vi ser på Kunst" issue #1, "Henrik Olai Kaarstein on how to make a painting"

"Let's Take a Stand That Stands for a While", selected poems by Henrik Olai Kaarstein, edited by Bonny Poon (upcoming)

"The Go-Between", Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Exhition Catalouge

"NA-A NA-A NA-A" at Astrup Fearnley Museum, Exhibiton Catalouge

Short story in "Let's Take a Stand That Stands for a While", in "Tales from the Crypt", Staedelschule Pure Fiction publication

Photoseries in "AAA Magazine" issue #1

Poster in "Trusu Fanzine"



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